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03 Jan 2013

Recently, I’ve been studying metaprogramming.

By learning metaprogramming, you you’ll be able to write code which writes code :).

The book is this, I think it’s pretty famous.

I’ve read like 3/4 of it, and it just amazes me in like every 5 pages.

I realized that I didn’t know a bit of Ruby.

And I realized that because of the power of this, Ruby on Rails became such a successful framework(Ofcource, because of the ppl who made it too).

Tbh, when it comes up to using the framework, I really dont think that every languages framework differs much.

We just use some functions which are prepared from the framework where the framework tolds us to us. There’s pretty much no need to know the deep knowledge of that language.

But when it comes to building a framework/library, the languages design really comes important.

How much you can get rid of repetition and keep the readability really affects how easy you can maintenance it.

And the languange which is good at that, makes it so easy to build those library/framework, and acquires a huge dev community.

With all the brilliant libraries, there’s no need for you to write ton’s of code. You just need to combine them, and just glue them with a bit of code.

And I think that’s what programmers do, “Automate everything”.

Takehiro Adachi at 20:13

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